Comments about my Communication Workshops

Below are some comments received regarding the Introduction to Animal Communication Workshops which I run.

“Karen’s animal communication workshop was an amazing experience, with clear instructions and practical exercises. Highly recomended as a brilliant insight into healing and animal communication.” CN

“Animal communication sounded intriguing and a very useful tool, but could I possibly do it myself? Karen gave us easy to understand background knowledge, then prepared us to carry out animal communication in a gentle and effective way. After this, to my surprise, communication flowed easily from us all. I was so pleased! Now it is a matter of practise,practise,practise!” JW

“Would just like to say thanks to Karen for a brilliant course and giving me the confidence to trust the images that spring into the mind when connecting with an animal, the importance of not interpreting but just to say how you see the image and using the feedback with the owner to go back to the animal to gain a better understanding. Fascinating stuff! Very useful with the work I currently do, and I hope once I’ve had lots more practise, I will be able to use it in my business too.” GM

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