Ben’s Diagnosis of Cancer

Approximately 8 weeks ago I sensed that my cat Ben was unwell and that there was something wrong in the area of his abdomen. The diagnosis from the vet was not good – the scan showed a large tumour on one of his kidneys.

So I decided to seek help from Jane Keogh BVsc Vet MFHom MRCVS (a local homeopathic vet), and combine this with weekly sessions of healing. After examining him, Jane prescribed a remedy to start immediately, with another one to follow within the week. Just 6 weeks later – at the end of last week, Jane examined Ben again and to our great delight, the tumour had shrunk by one third. At the outset Jane had explained to me that the best we could hope for was for the tumour to remain the same, or for it to grow more slowly. So I am sure you will agree this is good news for Ben. His next check-up is in a further 6 weeks and hopefully even better news will be posted here!


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