My Beautiful cat Ben

I feel I should talk about Ben now and where he is at the moment. For 15 months he has had kidney failure, but is still here on the earth plane, due to the miracle of healing. He has his off days but when this happens he asks me for more healing. I know he is not going to be around that much longer as we all have an allotted time here, but as he and I have discussed this, I will know when he is ready to go back to spirit. At the moment he is enjoying the good weather like us all.

After several months of being numb, I am now writing to update you. Ben passed back to spirit towards the end of last year (2019) He was able to indicate to me what he wanted when he lost the use of his back legs and we asked the vet to help him on his journey. I am so grateful that I was able to hear his request. He was a great teacher and soulmate to both my son and I. He is missed each and every day.