The plight of cat rescue centres

A couple of months ago an abandoned cat walked into our lives and upset the balance within it. Ben was very upset as the stray understandably tried to usurp him, for he was only 7yrs and Ben nearly 14. But, I am happy to report that Shudel- he informed me this was his name, has at last found a loving home, and things have returned to normal in our household.

However, When he first arrived I contacted all the cat rescue organisations I could think of and the answer was the same…….”We have no room for him,we are so full that it will be at least 3 months before we can take him in to find a new home for him”. Poor Shudel,this spurred me on to find a home for him myself as my cat’s well-being was at stake (as well as my shredded nerves) knowing that Ben was unhappy and all Shudel wanted was love and a roof over his head which for the sake of my cat, I could not offer.

I had no idea that there were so many unwanted cats AND kittens in Dorset. I was told that this past year the situation had become unbearable for all concerned. I am sure if you are reading this that you have had your animals neutered but if not, please do. Shudel accepted that if he wanted a new home he had to go through this procedure, so please for the sake of all those unwanted animals, ensure yours are neutered too.

Whilst writing, I would like to sing the praises of the Feral Cat Society in Dorset,who ensure that all captured stray cats are neutered and microchipped before being released again to lessen the burden of unwanted animals. And of course, all animal shelters throughout the world.



Comments about my Communication Workshops

Below are some comments received regarding the Introduction to Animal Communication Workshops which I run.

“Karen’s animal communication workshop was an amazing experience, with clear instructions and practical exercises. Highly recomended as a brilliant insight into healing and animal communication.” CN

“Animal communication sounded intriguing and a very useful tool, but could I possibly do it myself? Karen gave us easy to understand background knowledge, then prepared us to carry out animal communication in a gentle and effective way. After this, to my surprise, communication flowed easily from us all. I was so pleased! Now it is a matter of practise,practise,practise!” JW

“Would just like to say thanks to Karen for a brilliant course and giving me the confidence to trust the images that spring into the mind when connecting with an animal, the importance of not interpreting but just to say how you see the image and using the feedback with the owner to go back to the animal to gain a better understanding. Fascinating stuff! Very useful with the work I currently do, and I hope once I’ve had lots more practise, I will be able to use it in my business too.” GM

Ben’s Cancer is gone!

This is my final update on Ben as he has now been discharged from veterinary care. Jane could not feel anything during her visit this time and has said that she no longer wishes to see him again,unless I feel something is amiss. So, I can finally relax and I thank Ben for giving me a ‘not so gentle nudge’ in the right direction on my animal healing/communication path. We are all delighted at the outcome.

Further update on Ben

Following a further visit by Jane on Saturday, I am delighted to report that she is now struggling to find anything. ‘There is still a slight thickening but less obvious than last time.’ Ben’s next examination has been extended from 6 weeks to 9 weeks now. Needless to say I am a very happy person!

Ben’s Good News!

Well….. Jane once again examined Ben on Saturday, and I am delighted to report that the growth has now reduced to one third (if that) of it’s original size and it has changed from being a ‘bulbous,solid lump’ to a much smaller mass which Jane stated is ‘more like scar tissue now’. ¬†And from my observations, Ben is behaving much as he did before he became ill, hunting, fighting and even tackling rats again – he has the marks to prove it. He is acting as if he is much younger than his 12 years and is not asking me for healing so much now either. Another update will follow in 6 weeks,when the vet examines him again. Let’s hope it will have disappeared altogether by then!

Ben’s Diagnosis of Cancer

Approximately 8 weeks ago I sensed that my cat Ben was unwell and that there was something wrong in the area of his abdomen. The diagnosis from the vet was not good – the scan showed a large tumour on one of his kidneys.

So I decided to seek help from Jane Keogh BVsc Vet MFHom MRCVS (a local homeopathic vet), and combine this with weekly sessions of healing. After examining him, Jane prescribed a remedy to start immediately, with another one to follow within the week. Just 6 weeks later – at the end of last week, Jane examined Ben again and to our great delight, the tumour had shrunk by one third. At the outset Jane had explained to me that the best we could hope for was for the tumour to remain the same, or for it to grow more slowly. So I am sure you will agree this is good news for Ben. His next check-up is in a further 6 weeks and hopefully even better news will be posted here!