Animal Healing

Animal healing is similar to human healing. I learned how to give healing first with humans, some 18 years ago, and then went on to develop my communication and healing abilities with animals.

Healing can be given no matter what the problem and registered healers are recognized by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, and are able to give healing to animals.

However, I am not qualified to give, and I do not provide a diagnosis for your animal’s problems, the aim is to complement any veterinary care that is required. Therefore I recommend that if you have any concerns for your pet’s well-being that you always consult your vet in the first instance.

Distant (absent) healing does not require a vet’s permission but nevertheless, for your animal’s well-being, as previously mentioned;  I would ask that you to consult your vet as a matter of course, if you are at all concerned.