Animal Communication

Animal communication can assist you to deepen your understanding of your pet and bridges the gap to allow you both to experience communication more easily between you. I  speak to all domestic, farm, wild animals/birds and exotic creatures and insects.

I communicate telepathically with your pet at a soul level, by picking up sensations, words, thoughts, feelings and images from your animal. Your pet may wish to talk about how she/he is feeling or to assist you in some way, or even just to say ‘hello’ or to improve their own lives. But just as we have a choice whether to communicate or not so do our pets, although it is rare for an animal to refuse the opportunity to communicate as just as we need to be heard by others,so do they.

Animals are very adept at communicating with us, as long as we are willing to listen. Humans are the only living beings who have lost the ability to communicate with other species but this is about to change as more people become interested in communicating with their pets.

They may wish to let their owner/carer know how they are feeling or that they are worried about their carer in some way,or want to talk about their health or general well-being or that they require a different diet or are lacking essential minerals/vitamins in their diet .

For example, whilst communicating on a different subject with a young dog, he advised me that the reason for his continuing upset stomach was his need for parsley in his diet. This was passed on to the owner who decided to try this out and the problem disappeared. And on a personal note, may cat recently communicated that he would like chicken in his diet as he has reached an age where he is not so able to hunt for his favourite dish of rabbit.

It is helpful for you to prepare a list of questions that you wish to put to your pet in advance of my communication with them. For example: Is my animal happy/sad; In need of a companion or is anything needed/wanted? Or perhaps finding out whether there is anything they wish to communicate to you. I can speak to one or two animals during a session. If you require me to speak to other pets, then a separate session is needed. Communication cannot be hurried and this then gives you and your pet time to say all that is needed.

I communicate with your pet either through a personal visit or from a photograph or connection with you; and feedback can be by email/telephone or both.

If communication is to be carried out ‘remotely’, I require a photograph and the name, gender and age of your pet, and if applicable, any other homes he/she may have had, as well as a description of any other pets which live with you, together with a brief description of the problem/nature of your enquiry.

I am able to contact pets both here on the earth plane and in spirit and all messages are delivered in truth and love.