Hello and welcome to my website, where I am able to offer not only telepathic communication and/or healing for a treasured pet; but also healing for yourself and/or a loved one too. I specialise in working with horses, but also work with dogs and cats, farm animals and exotic pets and of course, humans too.

I am based in Exmouth, Devon, am a member of the Healing Trust (MNFSH) and offer a confidential and respectful service to all those in need of assistance. I will refer you elsewhere if I feel it is in your or your pet’s best interest.

I offer my services with compassion and honesty and trust that you will benefit from visiting my website today.  I work intuitively, from my heart, to assist animals and also humans at this time in the evolution of our species. I believe we are all interconnected and as such we should treat each other, the animal and plant kingdoms and this beautiful planet of ours with thoughtfulness and consideration.

Please see the relevant sections for information on and details required for my healing services and/or animal communication.

Thank you.

A Personal Recommendation

“Karen has helped most of my animals over the past 5 years or so from tortoises to ponies. I really can’t recommend her highly enough.

Both personally and professionally, Karen is one of the most talented, caring and kindest people I know. The gift she has for healing and communication with animals is truly amazing.

On every occasion Karen has worked with my animals (or on me) the results have been outstanding. The outcome is not always what you may hope for but as she says, healing is given for the highest good. ” Mrs C. Neale 2019